Bowmar Fitness

Josh Bowmar and Sarah Bowmar

Josh Bowmar went to school for exercise physiology where he maintained a 4.0 GPA. He participated in three NCAA sports and was awarded NCAA 2x Academic All American and Double Athletic All American honors in the same year in javelin and the 4×4. Additionally, Josh broke four university records in track and field.

Josh also began competing in bodybuilding competitions in college. Throughout his competition years, he accomplished the following:

  • 2012 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Overall Champion
  • 2013 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion
  • Mr. Ohio Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • Natural Northern USA- Drug Tested Men’s Physique Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • Great Lakes Men’s Physique Class Winner and Overall Champion
  • 2013 NPC National Bodybuilding Championship 1st Place Awarding Him IFBB Pro Men’s Physique Status

Sarah Bowmar has her undergraduate degree and MBA in marketing. She obtained her undergrad in three years and her MBA in 11 months. Post graduation, she began working at a digital marketing agency as well as began competing in fitness competitions- becoming nationally qualified in bikini. Sarah then realized her passion for fitness and helping others when she became fitness nutrition certified and started utilizing her online platforms through social media to help women all around the world.

In February 2014 during the weekend of the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, Josh and Sarah were both working out on a Saturday night and struck up a conversation. It was at that moment that it all changed. Shortly later, Sarah moved to Columbus on a leap of faith to begin creating a combined online coaching business with Josh.

Working side by side, day by day and month by month, we fell more and more in love. The best part about our relationship is that we share so many interests and the same goals and dreams for every aspect of life. At the Olympia in Vegas in 2014, we became engaged, married in January 2015- and the rest seems to be history.

Along the way, we created two supplement companys along with our online coaching business, and 6 other companies. We continue to expand our knowledge through research and scientific studies, programs, offerings, and passion for the fitness lifestyle every single day. We hope you take advantage of our education, knowledge, and expertise and let us serve you, guide you, and lead you to your ideal best self.